The Dystopian Challenge


I managed to complete this challenge without a day to spare, finishing The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood on the last day. This was a fabulous challenge for me as I don’t normally read much Dystopian Literature. I can’t really pick a favorite book from the books I read. I gave The Road and The Handmaid’s Tale both 5/5 ratings, with Cloud Atlas scoring a 4.75/5. Paul Auster’s book was my least favorite of the bunch.Thank you Lisa for hosting such an awesome challenge!


Lisa over at Books.Lists.Life has proposed an interesting challenge. The Dystopian Challenge runs from March 31st through November 6th. There aren’t a lot of rules:

  1. Pick any number of books you wish to read that fall into the Utopia/Dystopia genre.
  2. They do not have to be books you’ve never read, but hopefully they aren’t books you read last week.

I thought about resisting this one…but then I realized that there are two books on my list (one I’m currently reading) which fit this description; and two more that I’ve been wanting to read for some time. So…I’m in!

Here are my books for this challenge:

1. Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell (Completed 4/18/2007; read a review here.)
2. The Road, by Cormac McCarthy (Completed 5/17/2007; read a review here.)
3. The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood (Completed 11/5/2007; read a review here.)
4. In the Country of Last Things, by Paul Auster (Completed 9/23/2007; read a review here.)

To read reviews of books read by participants, go here.

One thought on “The Dystopian Challenge”

  1. when do you think you will read The Handmaid’s Tale? It’s my fave, and I have been planning on re-reading it this year. Maybe we could do a buddy read!
    If you like the Utopian genre, you should defnitely check out the collection Daring to Dream: Utopian Fiction by US Women Before 1950. There are some great stories in it!

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