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Winner Best Literary Fiction Blog - 2008
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An Improv Mini Quilt for a Friend

An Improv Mini Quilt for a Friend
*Click on any image in this post to enjoy a larger view Recently I attended a small quilt retreat. We were tasked with making a mini quilt for one of the people attending…and my person also happened to be a good friend -Conni! We affectionately call Conni the “canary” because she breaks into song with the least little prompt [...]

Good Kings Bad Kings – Book Rev...

Good Kings Bad Kings – Book Review
I got a plan to run away. I’m gonna go right before they’re set to ship me out of here. I been figuring it out but there’s still a few details that need a little work. I know how I’m gonna sneak out, that’s easy, but I’m not sure where I’m gonna stay at. The plan has to be perfect so I don’t end [...]

In Wilderness – Book Review

In Wilderness – Book Review
She will remember this moment all her life, she is sure of it. – from In Wilderness, first sentence – The year is 1966. Katherine Reid is sick. She thinks she is probably dying. It seems as though her happy life has completely unraveled. And so, she leaves society behind and heads to a cabin in the Georgia Appalachian Mountains. S [...]

A Zippered Pouch for my Handwork

A Zippered Pouch for my Handwork
*Click on any photo in this post to enjoy a larger view Sometimes you just feel inspired by what another quilty friend does…and that was the case for this project. After looking at Mary’s awesome zippered pouches, I clicked over to the Missouri Quilt Company’s wonderful tutorial. You can make these pouches any size and they [...]

The Master Butchers Singing Club R...

The Master Butchers Singing Club – Book Review
Since she had known Eva Waldvogel, and also traveled here and there with Cyprian, she had started to understand how a woman’s attention could succeed in making sense of man’s blind chaos, and yet women needed their own wildness. It was here. All ran riot. The garden and weedy yard would wax fuller until it turned into a jungle of [...]

The Girl on the Train – Book Re...

The Girl on the Train – Book Review
I can’t do this, I can’t just be a wife. I don’t understand how anyone does it—there is literally nothing to do but wait. Wait for a man to come home and love you. Either that or look around for something to distract you. -from The Girl on the Train- Rachel has turned into a drunk, lost, lonely and obsessive…and completely unreliable si [...]

A Mini Adventure

A Mini Adventure
*Click on any image in this post to enjoy a larger view I am a co-host for a mini quilt sew-a-long in 2015 over on Threadbias. We are making quilts from the Little Quilts book by Sarah Fielke and Amy Lobsiger (you might have noticed that I am posting round ups for each month…and they are really fun to see how other quilters are interpre [...]

Little Quilts SAL Round-Up: February,...

Little Quilts SAL Round-Up: February, March and April
We are hosting a sew along over on Threadbias in 2015! Members of the group will be sewing from the Little Quilts book by Sarah Fielke and Amy Lobsinger. Feel free to join us any time – if you are not a member of Threadbias yet, go ahead and sign up (it’s free!) and then find the Little Quilts group and click the “join” button. That’s it! Hop [...]

A Loss Too Big

A Loss Too Big
Paula Ward Cuomo July 23, 1957 – March 13, 2015 I miss you….every single day. In my heart forever. xo FB.XFBML.parse(); Tweet

Principles of Navigation – Book...

Principles of Navigation – Book Review
Fixing the broken had become his theme, personally and professionally, as he’d told Wolf, letting his friend assume “personal” meant his home remodeling and “professional” meant Rolly was back to creative work. But he wasn’t. – from Principles of Navigation – Alice and Rolly Becotte are married [...]
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